Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service were called to a property fire in Niton shortly after 17.00 this evening following reports of smoke seen coming from a flat.

Puckaster Lodge off of Puckaster Lane is a former cottage and has in more recent times been converted into a block of flats.

Fire crews worked overnight to extinguish the fire – at its height dozens of firefighters from across the island tackled the blaze.

Fire crews remained at the property damping down over night into the morning. No-one was injured and the cause of the fire is unknown.


Photographs below were taken between 18.40 and 19.40.

niton-fire-9 niton-fire-23 niton-fire-22 niton-fire-21 niton-fire-20 niton-fire-19 niton-fire-18 niton-fire-17 niton-fire-16 niton-fire-15 niton-fire-14 niton-fire-13 niton-fire-12 niton-fire-11 niton-fire-10niton-fire-28Photographs below taken just after 17.20 when only two pumps were in attendance.

niton-fire-1 niton-fire-8 niton-fire-7 niton-fire-6 niton-fire-5 niton-fire-4 niton-fire-3 niton-fire-2