Last week there was a substantial landslide along the Undercliff Drive where a million pound investment was being carried out to rebuild the road.

On Wednesday 12th February there were signs of cracks in the road and slight land movement but it wasn’t until the heavy downpour a few days later which resulted in the substantial landslide. The affected properties occupants were advised to leave on Friday 14th February.

There were a select few people who refused to leave and those remaining are due to leave over the next few days.

The Isle of Wight Council have said the decision was made to evacuate homes because of safety concerns, a lack of access and uncertainty about utility supplies.

Council deputy leader Steve Stubbings said: “We can’t tell them they’ve got to leave but we have advised them to leave because we are concerned about continuing movement in the area.”

Today, in an operation which was being co-ordinated by the Isle of Wight Council, further military support has been requested to work with the Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service, Island Roads and the Marine Coastguard and other agencies are working with residents to remove possessions while access remains.

The site remains extremely dangerous and members of the public are reminded to stay away from the area for their own safety.

I was out today getting some aerial photographs to get a ‘birds eye view’ of the land movement below. For me, this is heartbreaking as my family’s history lies along the Undercliff and watching it slip away is horrible to see.

An evacuated bungalow has already suffered serious structural damage as you can see in my photographs below.