The Royal Navy Bomb Disposal team were tasked to the Isle of Wight for the second time in under a week following the discovery of a suspicious object on a South Wight beach.

A Royal Navy spokesperson confirmed that disposal experts from Portsmouth are waiting for low tide later this afternoon (Tuesday) before attending the incident.

Solent Coastguard confirmed that the object was discovered at around 16:15 yesterday afternoon (Monday).

Ventnor Coastguard Rescue were deployed to the scene, near to the Spyglass Inn pub, however due to the fading light and description of the object, the Royal Navy Bomb Disposal team have delayed their deployment to the Island to match low tide and workable daylight.

It is now expected that Coastguard teams and the bomb disposal experts will return to the beach later on today, when the object will be examined and if necessary, safely disposed of.

Royal Navy Bomb Disposal experts have this afternoon donned wet suits and have entered the water at Ventnor to inspect the item.

After assessing the unknown object, it has been discovered that is in fact a piece of scrap metal, which has been removed and taken away by Brighstone Landscaping.

A cordon on the beach has also been removed and emergency services have left the scene.

This incident comes just a week after another bomb scare in the town, which turned out to be a rock. On the same day, a 2-inch mortar was found in Freshwater bay.

Text from Island Echo.

Photos and Video by Shane Thornton.

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