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Emergency services attended the scene of an aviation crash near Chale at around lunchtime on the 24th July 2013, resulting in one person receiving serious injuries.

It was understood the female pilot of a paraglider had crashed into the cliff face near to Blackgang, approximately 80m down, and suffered suspected spinal injuries.

The incident happened shortly after 12:30.

Coastguard Rescue teams from The Needles, Newport and Ventnor were on the scene and were performing a cliff rescue to reach the injured woman, who was said to live locally.

A Doctor and Paramedics from the Isle of Wight Ambulance Service also attended the scene, near to Blythe Shute.

The HM Coastguard 104 Helicopter was also assisting in the incident which lowered a spinal board down to the rescue teams.

The unnamed woman was airlifted to Southampton General Hospital, touching down at 15:10.

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